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Embrace My Hair is a Naturally Curly Hair Styling resource, providing support through workshops & consultations.  We provide encouragement, tips & share a wealth of knowledge, on how to style hair that has a mind of it's own, without chemicals.  We are also a traveling consultant who goes anywhere you need us to educate on curly hairstyling.  We will be teaching you how to achieve sleek hairstyles with a versatile flair.  Do you have Naturally Curly hair and are on the verge of relaxing your hair because you are so fed up fighting with it?  Hold that thought and read this study from Boston University that found evidence linking hair relaxers to Uterine Fibroid tumors & early puberty....

Hair Relaxer Health Risk

To sign up for our informative workshops, please go to:

UPDATE;  Now available for you is our Crochet Braids/Latch Stitch Weaving Service.  Simply go to our Stay In Touch  page to inquire about our prices for this popular Protective Hairstyle that's taking the Naturally Curly Hair industry by storm!